Nexo Debuts New High-Output Compact Speakers At Plasa




PS Series

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, NEXO has debuted new editions of its best-selling mainstream loudspeaker products. The new PS R2 Series is likely to set new performance benchmarks in its class, an exciting range of high-output high-versatility compact cabinets which is ideal for near-field portable and installed PA applications in clubs, houses of worship, theatres and A/V installations. As well as being an exceptional choice for stage monitoring at all levels of live performance, the cabinets will serve as fill-in complements for NEXO GEO and Alpha systems.

The new PS R2 Series delivers enhanced performance and operability, including increases of up to 6dB SPL from a range comprising three scalable systems, all of which can be quickly and easily configured for main PA use, for use as floor monitors, or flown vertically or horizontally in installations or for use as side/rear fills.

The PS R2 Series offers the user a totally integrated loudspeaker solution, in which innovative transducer, waveguide and enclosure designs come together under the control of strategic equalisation from dedicated TD Controllers to ensure extended bandwidth and sound pressure levels, along with a high degree of speaker protection.

For the latest generation of PS, there are new sub-bass options – the RS15 is now offered as the standard sub for the PS15-R2, providing great versatility through its ability to operate in either omni or directional mode. PLASA also sees the launch of a new sub – the LS600 – dedicated for use with the PS10-R2. These PS R2 systems include dedicated analogue controllers, the new PS10TDController-R2 and the PS15TDController-R2. And all the new cabinets will now be offered with power options from the NXAMP product range.

NEXO’s patented Asymmetrical Dispersion Constant Directivity horn is the signature physical design feature of any PS cabinet, allowing it to be used horizontally or vertically. This famous rotating horn mechanism has been simplified in the new edition of loudspeakers. New grilles have been designed for all the models, providing greater durability, particularly in wedge mode. New mounting plates derived from the GEO Series enable a vast array of new touring and fixed accessories to be used with the new models, and both the PS15-R2 and PS10-R2 will have enlarged preset families.

Joe White, marketing manager of NEXO S.A., confirms that “our new PS R2s will have an accessory that earns IP54 certification, which greatly enhances the utilisation of these boxes for outdoor installs. Furthermore all new accessories developed for the PS R2 range will have TUV certification. These will be the only full-range pole-mounted cabinets on the market that have standard TUV certified accessories like NEXO’s GEO line.”

The Background: NEXO launched the highly-esteemed PS10 and 15 cabinets in 1993-94, just before it became a limited company. The smaller PS8 was released in 2000. The PS15 remains, even to date, NEXO’s best-selling product, and more than 200,000 NEXO PS Series speakers are hard at work around the world in applications where compact, high-output, linear response loudspeakers are required.

PS Series systems are engineered to maintain the inherent coherency of two-way designs (the minimum number of drivers required for full-range reproduction) in the broadest practical range of applications. Advanced cone transducers deliver maximum output and thermal stability. The unique, square-mouth PS Series horn, with its asymmetrical progressive pattern, allows user-rotation of PS Series coverage patterns to focus acoustical energy on listeners and away from reflective surfaces.

The PS Series” exceptional performance is achieved by advanced system integration and anchored by Nexo’s patented Asymmetrical Dispersion Constant Directivity horn design. As the signature physical design feature in PS systems, the asymmetrical horns are engineered so that vertical coverage is narrower above horn axis (+25°) than below (-30°), while horizontal coverage is narrower above horn axis (50° Horizontal for +25° Vertical) and wider below (100° Horizontal for -30° Vertical).

The obvious sonic benefits to this asymmetrical coverage are that, when properly used, PS systems significantly reduce the amount of ambient, reverberant energy caused when loudspeakers misdirect their output towards walls and ceilings. In practice, this means that PS Series asymmetrical horns allow users to directly focus more loudspeaker output on the audience, or performers (in monitor applications), and less loudspeaker output everywhere else. In these days of stringent noise containment regulations, this is A Good Thing.

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