Live Streaming is here!

Over the last year our lives have changed dramatically, the things & people we love have been just out of reach, leaving us feeling isolated. But from the ashes a phoenix rises & in the world of COVID-19 that phoenix has been live streaming.

The necessity of staying apart has created a space in the entertainment industry for both virtual & hybrid events, that have allowed us to keep some sort of normal during these unprecedented times. Online communication has become our primary connection to each other on a personal, professional & recreational level. All manner of events from meetings, conventions, concerts, even life events such as weddings & funerals have shifted.

We have all experienced a virtual event at this point but have you ever wondered what goes into creating a live stream? Well we were lucky enough to sit down with Chris, our live events specialist, to discuss the differences & similarities.

What are the key differences between a live event & a live-streamed event?
Aside from the obvious, a livestreamed event really allows you to focus the audiences attention on exactly what you want and show them what you want and how you want them to see it.

What are the challenges associated with a live-streamed event?
There’s a few, but really the main ones are:
  • Internet connection – How often have you been somewhere that doesn’t have good internet speed?
  • Capturing the Event properly – When the audience can only see through the camera view, it means the tech crew need to be well equipped to capture everything that’s happening. This can get tricky especially for fast-paced events.
Are hybrid events more challenging?
They certainly add a layer of complexity and it really depends on the type of the event, but we’re getting very good at them these days.

Is there a piece of gear you couldn’t stream without?
The star of the show is always the camera/s you’re using. Having the highest quality, most robust video just makes everything else easier when it comes to streaming.

What was the hardest & easiest part to get used to?
I find the hardest part of streaming is planning for every possibility. There are so many different types of events that all have different requirements. It can be a lot to think about at times. The easiest part of streaming is that at its core, it’s exactly what we have been doing for years. Taking a camera feed, content and audio, and delivering that to an audience, just using a different medium to an in-person event.
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